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Experience our eco-friendly ponchos

A homage to our surfer community.

Our PONCHO collection, is a tribute to our origins, born as a homage to our surfing family.

We created a product that would unite us with them and accompany them while they do what they love most: being in the ocean.

In developing this collection we remembered how an idea of wanting to clean up the  beaches where these surfers surfed has evolved into a planet-conscious product that allows the protection of the ocean to be done in a scalable way.

These three special pieces, created with love, invite you on a journey that transports you to the ocean, where your skin becomes salty, where you can feel the sun’s rays on your face, listen to the foam forming and feel that connection with nature. A journey that brings it all together because you chose a product designed with a purpose.

Because the fight against climate change is not over, and it’s time to turn the tide.

Ride the wave of our story

Surfing is part of our history. 

This is our way of bringing the ocean to the city.


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