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No synthetics,

no chemicals,


NO DYE was created with the aim to break down barriers and transform the textile world, as a manifesto of the main cause of pollution in the fashion industry: fabric dyeing.

NO DYE is more than a collection, it is a story with a unique concept that has been designed to generate impact,awareness and revolutionise the fashion sector.

Urban and alternative, unisex and timeless designs are made without using any dyes, with natural fibre fabrics that can close the cycle by prioritising the use of organic and recyclable materials.

With the mission of raising awareness about the need for a radical change in the textile industry.

NO DYE is a tribute to nature, an invitation to return to our origins, to take care of ourselves and the planet.

NO DYE COLLECTION - Ocean Born Lifestyle
NO DYE COLLECTION - Ocean Born Lifestyle
NO DYE - Ocean Born Lifestyle
NO DYE - Ocean Born Lifestyle


Designed to minimize the environmental footprint and crafted to maximize social inclusion.

NO DYE - Ocean Born Lifestyle

We used natural raw fabrics,

avoiding synthetic fibres, dyes and chemicals.

Our key partner in making the garments was A Puntadas, a workshop that provides professional training to women at risk of social exclusion.

to help them reintegrate into the world of work.

We work with nearby workshops,

to minimise our environmental footprint and workshops with a social impact.


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