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At Ocean Born Lifestyle we know that the only way to tell a different story is to tell one that allows us to share each and every one of the challenges we have had along the way. To talk about the people who have trusted in our project and who have become our partners, giving us a solution in an ethical and creative way.

We believe that information helps us to make better and more conscious decisions that make us choose between one future or another. From the choice of these partners we look for transparency and we work to maintain it until our final piece reaches your hands.

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For our NO DYE fabrics we work with RDD (Research Design Development), a Portuguese company that offers innovative alternatives in knitted fabrics created from social and environmental awareness.

The advantage of RDD’s undyed stock fabric allowed us to not only reduce the minimum volume purchased, but also to build a story that became our manifesto.

RDD has various fabric and production certificates that enable the traceability of our collection and guarantee, in turn, the development of garments that meet high quality and sustainability standards.

Creating a towelling collection was a challenge, not only because we had to find a supplier who could work with the weight and composition we needed or with the softness we wanted, but also because the minimum purchase for such a heavy fabric is usually high.

Finally we opted for a reliable supplier that guaranteed us a 100% cotton material, and we found it through Ribes & Casals.

The product is originally manufactured by Gonclovil, and has, in addition to materials of vegetable origin, innovative processes when it comes to dyeing a fabric as we can see in our PONCHOS collection that get their colour through reactive dyes.

For us, working to create benefit within a community at risk of exclusion while protecting and restoring the ocean is a win-win.

For our NO DYE collection we worked with A Puntadas, a social workshop located in Alicante (Spain) that is dedicated to textile manufacturing and works for the social and labour insertion of people at risk of exclusion.

In this way we have achieved a triple bottom line where we take care of the planet, while generating profits and working and caring for people.


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