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"It’s time for us all to bring everything we have to the table, to save the blue heart of our planet - and ourselves."




The Ocean Born Foundation is a Spanish non-profit organisation established in December 2020 to create new, sustainable streams of income to accelerate initiatives that mitigate climate change by focusing on ocean health.

Ocean Born houses four different brands, bringing products and services to market, while minimising our environmental impact and donating 100% (yep, 100%) of our profits to initiatives dedicated to restoring and protecting the ocean.

We recognise that all activities have social and ecological impacts, and if the impact is not consciously benefiting social or ecological outcomes, it is quite likely damaging them. We also recognise that every form of investment, every choice of product and service, and every money-flow decision is directly supporting one future over another.

We hope to join the wave of change with the most ambitious environmental standards on our products with the sole purpose of benefiting the ocean. We believe that making a difference requires a total and radical commitment.

All Ocean Born Foundation activities exist to serve the ocean. This was not an afterthought: Ocean Born was born out of desire to bring more resources to the fight to save this little blue miracle we all call home.

Our goal is to mitigate the adverse effects we as humans are causing our ocean, because global warming and the rapid deterioration of the ocean are a fact.

Doing something about it is a choice.


How we identify where to act.

The landscape of blue projects is almost as vast as the ocean itself. With so many wonderful initiatives out there, how do we decide where to focus our funding?

In evaluating proposals, we draw upon the “Recovery Wedges” laid out in Carlos Duarte et al.’s 2020 paper “Rebuilding marine life”. These wedges lay out the key areas where action is needed to restore the ocean (and by extension the planet) back to health.

It is crucial that each of these recovery wedges is addressed, and that they are addressed together in concert. Thus every grant we consider contributes to at least one of the impact areas laid out in this framework.

Across our grantees, we have projects addressing each of these areas with a variety of approaches. In this way we invest holistically in our vision of a healthy blue planet.


At the Ocean Born Foundation we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As employers we subscribe to SDG8, as producers we give particular importance to SDG12, and our reasons for existing are to support SDG13 and SDG14, the latter the most underfunded of the SDGs.


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