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NO DYE, a story of impact.

The fashion industry is known as one of the main sources of pollution worldwide. In fact, it is the second most contaminating industry, just behind the oil sector. Within the textile industry, the fabric dyeing process has been identified as the main cause of pollution.

20% of global industrial water pollution is due to fabric dyeing in the textile industry.
This alarming reality has led us to start a conversation and to tackle this problem head on. From this concept NO DYE was born, a story that emerges as a manifesto against this problem and seeks to offer a solution.

NO DYE aims to break barriers and revolutionise the fashion industry. It is our commitment against the biggest pollutant in the textile industry: the dyeing process. It is a story that promotes a different concept designed to reduce the negative impact and, at the same time, generate a positive impact.

Through NO DYE we seek to raise awareness about the urgent need for a radical change in the way we create our garments. It is our homage to nature, an invitation to return to our origins, to a more natural state, and to take care of both ourselves and our planet.

100% of the profits go to restore and protect the ocean.

During the textile manufacturing process, a large amount of chemicals are used, such as dyes and finishing agents. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals end up in wastewater without being properly treated, which can have a negative impact on rivers, seas and eventually reach the ocean.
Around 8,000 different chemicals are used in the textile industry, many of which are toxic and can be harmful to marine organisms.
The fabric dyeing process also represents a risk to the oceans. A large volume of water is required and chemical dyes are added, which, if not handled properly, can leach into water bodies, causing pollution and damaging marine ecosystems.

Developing NO DYE: How do we approach each phase of production?

Through the use of natural fibres, our goal in NO DYE is to avoid synthetic waste and chemical materials, closing the product life cycle through biodegradability or recycling, without compromising aesthetics or comfort. In this task, we count on the valuable collaboration of RDD, who provided us with organic cotton and recycled cotton fabrics in their purest state. One of the most important decisions we made in the development of NO DYE was to completely eliminate the dyeing process of our garments. This measure was taken in order to eliminate the release of chemical dyes into the environment.

Around 500,000 tonnes of toxic dyes are released into the environment each year as a result of textile dyeing.

It is estimated that around 35,000 tonnes of chemical dyes are released into the oceans each year due to textile production.

In our search for a more respectful and conscious solution, we realised that sometimes simplicity is the best option.

Choosing not to dye our garments with chemicals has been a powerful choice. In this way, we avoid releasing toxic colourants into the environment and are committed to preserving the health of our planet and the people involved in the process.
In addition, we would like to highlight our key partner in the making of NO DYE. This collaboration has added significant social value to our story. A Puntadas is dedicated to providing professional training to women at risk of social exclusion, helping them to reintegrate into the labour market through textile manufacturing. Thanks to this partnership, we have made a positive impact on both the planet and people.

The mistake: The print vanishes when washing the garments!

We have moved away from the use of synthetic materials in all our processes, either direct or indirect.
The problem with most printing methods is that they involve petroleum-based materials at some stage to improve the adhesion of the ink to the fabric. When these methods don’t include petroleum substances, it is because the garment itself contains these synthetic materials.
Our goal was to apply a printing technique free of chemicals and synthetic materials. It was a mistake to do so on a synthetic-free fabric because it resulted in the partial disappearance of prints from NO DYE garments.

The solution within the solution.

We faced the challenge of hiding the print completely, turning the mistake into an opportunity to highlight the authenticity and beauty of the natural material we used. Rather than detracting from the details considered throughout the making process, we sought to take advantage of the obstacle to generate a design modification that would add value.
This approach enabled us to enrich the design and the story, highlighting the genuine essence and qualities of the natural material used. Once again, we proved that sometimes simplicity is the key. By not being afraid to fail, we managed to turn our story on its head, highlighting the authenticity and charm found in imperfection.

The result; the new NO DYE

With NO DYE, we have not only managed to avoid synthetic materials, chemicals, dyes and their negative consequences, but we have also created a product that is unique in terms of concept and design. These timeless and fresh unisex garments have been created to have a minimal impact on the environment.
These total looks are like a blank canvas that invites you to write new stories. Each garment is an opportunity to live exciting adventures and create unforgettable experiences, enjoying unique and memorable moments. They are an invitation to explore, experience and leave a personal mark on every moment of your life.


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