IADE - Ocean Born 2022

Ocean Born Lifestyle concluded its second collaboration with IADE School of Design in Madrid. 

The objective of this competition was to get the students to develop an investigation of the brand image and the different elements that make it up and then translate this research into a design proposal that could be implemented in the Ocean Born Lifestyle collection.


We are delighted to announce the winners of the IADE x Ocean Born fashion competition: Marian Casado, Blanca Lorente, Beatriz Postigo and Sergio Cillán.

Our heartfelt thank you to our Ocean Partner IADE Escuela de Diseño for making this collaboration such a success.

It is an honour to work with their students, encouraging them to learn about the impact of our textiles and the trade-offs and limitations that exist when designing a sustainable product.

The winning designs will be part of the new Ocean Born Lifestyle Collection, launching Spring 2022 on the Ocean Born Lifestyle website: