We give 100% of our profits to restore and protect the ocean.

At Ocean Born we are aware of the impact of fashion on our ecosystem, of the damage we humans are causing to the planet and of the negative effect that each of our actions has. We cannot go back to undo it, but we can act now to change the model of over-consumption and over-production that is causing the current state of pollution.

To achieve this, we are building a transparent fashion project, which strives to reduce the environmental impact at every stage of production and seeks to create a positive social impact in the process. Our goal is to offer responsible garments that can provide a competitive and ethical alternative for today’s consumer.

For us, the impact does not end with the final product, which is why we allocate 100% of the brand’s profits to our reason for being: THE OCEAN.


Ocean Born is a project that works for the ocean and fights against climate change, offering an ethical, committed and different alternative.

Our products are designed with awareness, love and care.

Our main motivation is nature, and we continuously work to improve our ecosystems and guarantee a sustainable future for new generations without sacrificing the health of the planet.

We are an active and disruptive community fighting for a common cause.



Our products are made from natural fibre fabrics that are responsibly sourced from the environment. We are dedicated to creating high quality and durable products in a conscientious way.



We work to minimise our footprint at all stages of production, by partnering with collaborators with whom we share values and who, like us, seek to reduce their environmental impact.



We believe that making a difference requires a radical committment, which is why we donate 100% of our profits to the restoration and protection of our ocean.


The production and consumption model of today’s
society is increasingly out of control.

Today, our habits of overconsumption have led to the creation of a new system of overproduction of goods. This has resulted in the exploitation of farmland and labour, the creation of petroleumbased products that require high energy consumption releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, as well as the use of chemicals that damage not only the environment but also the health of people who come into contact with them.

When we talk about the textile industry, considered among the most polluting industries for the planet, we have to take into account the damage in the whole production chain, from the unregulated cultivation of a fibre, to the use of synthetic fibres, chemical dyes, special products for finishing, among others. It is also necessary to consider the overexploitation of natural resources, such as water consumption, destruction of land, animal cruelty and finally the remarkable level of inequality that exists at the labour level.

Fashion has become one of the main communication platforms, which implies that its message must be fresh and constantly updated, being influenced by innovations and developments in electronics, music, art, etc. This means that it is changeable and the pace of this change can be dangerous.

The need to be constantly on the cutting edge has led not only to the creation of seasonal products that are no longer tied to a seasonal period, but to the constant feeding of novelties to a consumer. 

This has resulted in the overproduction of garments with a short life cycle that end up as waste piled up in mountains of garments in landfills in third world countries.

We recognise that there is nothing more sustainable than austerity, but we are part of a community that seeks to offer a (responsible) consumer alternative for all those looking to buy a garment.