NO DYE aims to break barriers and revolutionise the fashion industry. It’s our manifesto against the textile industry’s primary pollutant: the dyeing process. Fabric dyeing is one of the main causes of pollution in the textile industry. Colouring garments through the use of chemical dyes has serious consequences for our planet, 

for the health of those who participate in the process and finally for the user.

Through the use of natural fibres, we aim to eliminate synthetic waste and chemical materials, with the goal of closing the consumer cycle through biodegradability or recycling. Without sacrificing aesthetics or comfort.

We create pieces with DNA, with a purpose. That’s why all our garments carry a QR code that will allow the user to know the story behind the product.

We bet on fabrics that come from natural fibers, thus managing to eliminate the waste that comes from synthetic fibers, allowing us to close the cycle of each fiber through its biodegradability or recycling. Improving towards a more environmentally friendly path is in our DNA, which is why we support innovation within the textile industry.
Recycled Cotton
Organic Cotton

Not Bleached

Not Dyed

Water-based ink

Care for people